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I recently heard someone talk about how we all need validation in our lives.  No matter how independent we think we are, we need to know that we are loved.  This instantly triggered the idea in my mind that we’re not all that different. If this is true for me, then it must be true for everyone that I know.

Here’s a funny example.  This is the first full year that I’ve been on Facebook.  Honestly, I joined Facebook kicking and screaming. When your closest friends and relatives are asking you to “Friend them”, it’s hard to say no even if you value your privacy like I do.

Now that I’m a bit established there, I’ve begun receiving birthday notices.  “This week it is 8 of your friend’s birthdays… Write on their wall?”  I’ve always considered it very corny and kind of cheap because it is too easy.  I never did it.  Didn’t want to be part of the crowd taking the easy way out.

But then, my birthday recently passed and for the first time, I received several birthday wishes on Facebook.  I have to admit, I was touched.  So I’ve decided that I will begin acting on those little Facebook birthday greetings.  It’ll make people feel nice.

But that brings me to the Love Greeting Card.  If greetings online can make someone feel special, how much more will it mean to them that you thought enough of them to buy and personalize a real card?

The great news is that buying and sending a real card is just as easy as sending an electronic love message via Facebook, with one HUGE exception… It’s private.

Who wants to express their love on Facebook in front of the world.  Sure a few of us are crazy enough to express our deepest, innermost emotions on the world stage, forever to remain… I’m not one of them.

There are a lot of new services now that will allow you to send real cards right from your computer.

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