Poetry and Sayings – Speaking of Procrastination


I wish I didn’t procrastinate.
I wish I did things now.
The hours and days and weeks go by.
And then I wonder how.

Weeks are months.
And months are years.
And time goes by,
so ever dear.

So now a make a commit-ment.
I stick my sword into cement.
I’ve made my mind
I’m done with this
I’m doing this with no remiss.

I’ll do things now.
I won’t regret
Important tasks
Be done will get.

I’m going to prioritize
and do the things
that make me wise.

I’ll keep this up
and get things done,
before I turn into a bum.


This poem came to me when I realized how long I had put off my project to write a poem a day for one week.  I know it wasn’t my top priority, but a year? Come on.  Anyway, the procrastination poem came pretty easy to me.  I really enjoy writing poetry but am a little embarrassed by it. It’s a kind of catharsis for me

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