Business Greeting Card Ideas

I’ve spent many years studying the business of sales and marketing and no matter what business you are in, competition increases every year.  The only way to excel in business today is to “stand out”.  So what can you do?

Well, one thing for sure, you can sent out thank you notes and business greeting cards to your prospects and clients.  In my work, I call on businesses and merchants every day and historically, I’ve wanted to send them thank you notes, congratulatory notes, and general business greetings.  But unless you have a secretary or a spouse that has the time to help with stuff like that, it’s pretty hard to actually follow through.

Nowadays you can choose, personalize, stamp, and mail high quality business greeting cards right from your computer.   Many systems also provide nice online contact manager that interfaces with Outlook and other contact management programs.  There are great time management tools and all in one place, even some that can include a historical record of who you’ve sent a card to, which cards you sent them, and what you said in the card.

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