Poetry and Sayings – A Poem About Tuesday


Rhyme with one and Rhyme they do,
Monday, Tuesday, One and Two.
If the next day rhymed with Three.
Think how fun that that would be.

But it ends the second day,
Unless you think another way.
Thur and Four could make a rhyme.
But Wednesday would be lost in time.

So Tuesday marks the end indeed.
That is, if you speak, sequentially.

I hope no one is reading this.  I struggled with this one.  But I’m trying to follow the rule of a poem a day, about that day, on each day of the week, for just a week.  And since I have a job, I can only spend a few minutes on this each morning.  🙂  I hope you like it.

Eventually, I hope that this will become a repository of ideas for greeting cards of all kinds.  This is just a personal writing exercise (and a little embarrassing).


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