Poetry and Card Sayings – A Poem About Sunday


Apostrophe; a Period;
An exclamation point;
A day that marks the end and start;
A day that God annoints

A day I spend with family;
A day I spend with friends;
A day I do my charity;
A day I loathe to end.

Sunday is a day of rest.
A day I make anew,
Commitments that are core to me
For things I want to do.

I’ve tried to do a week or two
where Sunday’s like the rest.
It doesn’t work. It hurts my week.
The next week’s never my best.

This is an entry in my creative exercise to write a poem for each day this week about that day.  If you are interested in being able to send physical greeting cards out directly from your computer desktop, please visit our contact page.

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