Poetry & Card Sayings – A Poem About Saturday

I’d like to add some ideas for cards here for any occasion. Please fee free to submit ideas yourself. With automation the way it is today, there is no reason why you can’t use your own sayings on your greeting cards.

The challenge lies in creativity and motivation to write. So as an exercise, I’m going to try to get this started with a poem about each day of the week. That may not be a card but I’m hoping to get my creative juices flowing. Feel free to send us your own ideas with the understanding that they can be shared. We’d love to post them.

It’s Saturday. Here’s my first entry:


Saturday is a special day.
It gives me much relief.
I wake up with a happy face
And relish the lack of grief.

It’s a day that I can catch
Up-on the weekly grind.
Or stay in bed and read a book
Or vegetate my mind.

I love my week.
And love my days.
But Saturday
Is amongst my faves.

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